Photovoltaic Heating Systems

Bust energy costs without breaking the bank

Connect and Save

Our PV heating systems connect directly to your water heater or heating appliance to start saving you on energy costs immediately. 


Our controller optimizes solar photovoltaic generation and connects with easy integration to your existing water heater or appliance. 

High Renewable Yields

1 %

Your potential saving on water heating energy costs.

CO2 emission
1 %

Reduction in CO2 emissions by replacing Eskom.

1 %

Lower cost per Watt compared to inverters and batteries.

Lowest cost energy

The RE:HEAT controller is one of the most affordable solar controllers per Watt that you can acquire and with the low cost of integrating solar PV without the need for battery energy storage or complex inverters, the RE:HEAT applied for heating purposes provides the lowest levelized cost of energy for solar PV heating applications. 

What can it heat?

Water Heaters

All types of electrical water heaters can be powered by the RE:HEAT PV heating controller to integrate solar electrical energy for water heating purposes.

Space Heaters

Thermostat controlled electrical space heaters can also be integrated to heat directly from the sun and save on space heating costs.

Cooking Appliances

The controller can be integrated with electrical heating element powered cooking appliances to integrate solar electrical energy for cooking.

Our Impact

Employing solar photovoltaics for direct heating applications opens a world of opportunity to create meaningful impact through productive use applications in Africa that address key UN SDGs. 

 Retrofitting to several heating appliances and with the ability to customize specific communal solutions, Re:Heat delivers on 6 key goals as part of our company mission. 

Virtual Power Plant

Turning a passive heating device into a grid-interactive energy storage asset through IoT and intelligent logic can rapidly allow for the deployment of virtual power plant storage assets and use existing water heaters to aid in grid support and energy arbitrage. 

Employee Solar Incentive

Giving back to company employees has never been easier, with our Employee Solar Incentive Program, your company can invest in solar, your employees and the environment and internalise the tripple-benefit as a company to win-win-win. 

The program is designed to foster environmental stewardship amongst corporate entities and employees to purposefully invest in a sustainable future. 

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About Us

RE:HEAT is a technology-propelled, asset-smart solar energy product developer and solutions provider with a focus on developing and manufacturing innovative products within the renewable energy sector that can deliver real climate action and energy access in an affordable and sustainable way. 

  • Driven by continued innovation 
  • Addressing real-world problems
  • Creating more energy access
  • Purposefully taking action against climate change
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