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Convert your current water heater into a smart solar heat battery and save on your heating costs. 

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This graph says it all. Households can save up to 80% of their water heating costs and in some cases even more. 

In a typical 3/4 family household that uses 80% of its 150L geyser water volume heated to 65DegC per day at an average tariff of R4/kWh and an annual escalation of 11% per year, the family using their old electric geyser can spend over R9154 per year just on water heating. 

Heating Cost Comparison

Typical annual heating cost (ZAR)

easy retrofit

Our PV heating systems connect directly to your water heater or heating appliance to start saving you on energy costs immediately. 


Our controller optimizes solar photovoltaic generation and connects with easy integration to your existing water heater or appliance. 

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This world needs an innovative approach if we want to safeguard its beauty. Reheat will change the way the world uses energy for heating and in the process provide energy access, cleaner cooking, better heating and more affordable climate action. 

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Browse through our frequently asked questions for some insight on how the Reheat PV heating controller can drastically save you on energy costs without needing an astrophysicist to explain it to you.

Unlike solar thermal geysers that have glass tubes or flat-plate collectors that needs water to be circulated to be heated from the sun, PV heating uses solar Photovoltaic panels that generates electrical energy to power a resistive heating element. 

Yes, our PV heating controllers can retrofit to any water heater with a resistive heating element and that is controlled by a thermostat. 

No, there is no need to change your current element. We connect to the existing element, eliminating the need to drain the water heating tank and to save on installation costs. 

Yes, our controllers are paired with smart devices that allows you to customise the settings and connect your water heater to your home automation system. 

You will have control of your water heating and your heating costs. 

NO, it is not required for houses that have a TN earth (which is most of the houses in RSA)

The South African building code requires bonding and earthing of all large metal structures such as solar panels and mounting frames. This bonding does not require a separate earth spike. Bonding can use an existing earth terminal.

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