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Spend less than R340 per month on solar water heating and save from day one

Why Fund My Solar?

1. capital

Cheaper than bank loans and no need to use your own capital for solar. Keep your money for a rainy day and let us help you with a better option. 

2. service

Ensures you receive what you have asked for including maintenance of the system to keep your system operational over time. 

3. savings

Our funding costs are less than your total monthly savings, which means you save from day one and it does not cost you more than you pay now. 

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About Us

RE:HEAT is a technology-propelled, asset-smart solar energy product developer and solutions provider with a focus on developing and manufacturing innovative products within the renewable energy sector that can deliver real climate action and energy access in an affordable and sustainable way. 

  • Driven by continued innovation 
  • Addressing real-world problems
  • Creating more energy access
  • Purposefully taking action against climate change
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