200L – PV Solar Water Heating System


Convert your geyser to a solar PV geyser with our Reheat retrofit kit and reduce your energy costs.

Note that installation costs differ by region in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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The Reheat PV geyser kit for your 100L geyser features a plug-and-play installation that retrofits directly to your existing geyser with an easy installation process that typically does not require any plumbing or infrastructure changes.


This Package Includes:

  • 1 x Reheat PV Geyser Controller with integrated PV fuse and breaker
  • 4 x 450W Tier-1 Solar PV panels
  • Solar Panel mounting kit for roofing structures
  • All cables and electrical accessories
  • Installation Included


  Solar Thermal heating RE:HEAT Solar PV water heating
Application Can only heat Can generate electricity for future diversification
Heating application Only heat fluid Heat any resistive element with a thermostat
Space requirement Lower 1.5 – 3m² Higher 6 – 10m²
Installation components High Low
Adjustable installation NO – fixed YES – easily adjusted
Installation flexibility Restricted – copper tube connection considerations Flexible – DC cables connect the collector to the heating element and can be installed up to 50m away
Collector placement restriction Highly restricted Limited restrictions – e.g., ground mountable, free-standing, installed up to 50m from the water storage tank
Ease of installation Difficult – Plumbing Easier
Infrastructure change Yes No
Typical manufacturing warranty 5 – years excluding glass 12+ years on PV panels
Energy production guarantee NONE 25 year linear >80%
Pressure suitability Specific Agnostic
Freeze risk High NONE
Coincidental damage risk High LOW
Maintenance High NONE
Scale Buildup Yes NO
Savings measurable NO YES


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