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Your Headache

Bed & Breakfast

You get charged at residential energy tariff rates and water heating is a major contributor to your operating costs in a very competitive market that may be seasonal. 


The cost of cleaning with warm water, cooking, baking and keeping food warm increases your food cost and lowers your competitiveness against other food service operators.

Hotel / Lodge

Hotels combine B&B and Restaurant headaches with all those geysers and a restaurant to boost. Energy costs for heating can make up a large share of your operating  costs.

Property Companies

Time-of-use tariffs and bulk purchases can increase costs and worsen the impact of load-shedding which is expensive to solve with batteries and no control over heating. 

Body Corporates

Bulk purchases and time-of-use tariffs may increase the living cost in your estate and you may be restricted from expanding in the future and evolving with new technology. 

Fast Food Franchise

Speed and convenience at an affordable price are difficult to deliver during load-shedding and increasing energy costs when you have limited roof space for solar.

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