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EDF selects Reheat Africa as a top 5 entrant to pitch at the EDF Pulse Africa event.

In a significant milestone for sustainable innovation in Africa, ReHeat Africa has been chosen to participate in the prestigious EDF Pulse Africa startup pitch event, organized by EDF (Electricité de France). This recognition underscores ReHeat’s commitment to revolutionizing heating processes through renewable energy solutions. Join us as we delve into the pivotal role of renewable heating in Africa’s just transition to renewables and explore how ReHeat is pioneering innovative Photovoltaic (PV) solutions to address the unique challenges of productive use appliances on the continent.

ReHeat Africa and the EDF Pulse Africa Startup Pitch Event:

The EDF Pulse Africa startup pitch event serves as a platform to showcase and support pioneering startups committed to driving positive change in Africa’s energy landscape. EDF, a global leader in the energy sector, recognizes the importance of fostering innovative solutions that contribute to the continent’s sustainable development. In this context, ReHeat Africa’s selection for the event marks a significant endorsement of its mission to bring renewable heating to the forefront of Africa’s energy transition.

Renewable Heating: A Cornerstone of Africa’s Just Transition:

Africa stands at a crucial juncture in its journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. The concept of a ‘just transition’ emphasizes the need to move towards renewable energy sources while ensuring social and economic equity. In this transition, renewable heating plays a pivotal role, addressing both energy access challenges and the imperative to reduce carbon emissions.

The Challenges of Productive Use Appliances:

One of the unique challenges faced by Africa is the integration of productive use appliances into renewable energy systems. From water pumps to agricultural processing equipment, these appliances are essential for economic development but often require consistent and reliable energy sources. ReHeat Africa recognizes this challenge and is at the forefront of developing innovative PV solutions to address these specific needs.

ReHeat’s Innovative PV Solutions:

ReHeat Africa’s focus on Photovoltaic heating systems extends beyond traditional applications. By developing cutting-edge PV solutions, ReHeat is tackling the challenges associated with productive use appliances. These solutions aim to provide a reliable and sustainable energy source for various applications, ranging from agro-processing to small-scale businesses, fostering economic growth in the process.

Breaking Down Barriers with Affordable Solutions:

A critical aspect of ReHeat Africa’s mission is to make renewable heating solutions accessible and affordable. By doing so, the organization is breaking down barriers that have traditionally hindered the adoption of clean energy technologies. Through participation in the EDF Pulse Africa startup pitch event, ReHeat gains further visibility and support to scale its operations and impact, bringing renewable heating within reach for communities across the continent.


As ReHeat Africa takes center stage at the EDF Pulse Africa startup pitch event, the spotlight is not only on their innovative solutions but on the broader narrative of Africa’s green transition. Renewable heating emerges as a key player in this transformative journey, balancing the need for energy access with environmental responsibility. ReHeat’s commitment to addressing the challenges of productive use appliances through innovative PV solutions aligns seamlessly with the goals of a just and sustainable transition to renewables in Africa. The future is undoubtedly bright, and with pioneers like ReHeat Africa leading the way, Africa’s path towards a cleaner, greener future is steadily coming into focus.

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