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ReHeat Africa Nominated for Global Startup Awards – Southern Africa Edition

Reheat Africa: Lighting Up the Global Startup Stage with Dual Nominations

We are thrilled to announce that Reheat Africa has been recognized for our innovative and sustainable approach to energy solutions, earning nominations in not one, but two prestigious categories at the Global Startup Awards: “Best Newcomer” and “GREENTECH STARTUP OF THE YEAR.” This momentous recognition highlights our commitment to redefining the energy landscape through the use of photovoltaic technology in a range of heating applications, from water heating to food drying.

A Mission Fueled by Innovation and Sustainability

Reheat Africa was born out of a vision to tackle two of the most pressing challenges facing our planet today: energy consumption and climate change. By leveraging the power of photovoltaics, we’re not just offering an alternative to traditional energy sources; we’re providing a cleaner, more efficient, and infinitely sustainable solution that benefits both the environment and the end user.

Our approach goes beyond the simple conversion of sunlight into electricity. We’re harnessing this power for essential heating applications, a domain traditionally dominated by high-energy-consuming methods. From residential water heating to industrial-scale food drying processes, our solutions are proving that solar energy can do

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Reheat selected for Grindstone and Anglo American Foundation’s First Cohort of Green Tech Startups

ReHeat Africa specialising in Photovoltaic heating systems for water heating, cooking and food processing has been selected as one of the cohort members of the very first Grindstone Green Tech accelerator program. The collaborative effort between Cape Town-based accelerator Grindstone and the Anglo American Foundation (AAF) marks the initiation of the Grindstone South Africa program, with a specific aim to empower entrepreneurs in the green sector.

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